The Early Days of Biopsychosocial Model - Samara Lipsky

July 15, 2018
Samara Lipsky

The term “Biopsychosocial” is not a mainstream term, but it is one that is gaining momentum in the world of modern medicine. In the late 1970s, the medical community had a working development of a medical model, but this model desperately needed an update. It was psychiatrist Dr. George Engel that finally decided to propose that if a hypothetical patient went through a series of unfortunate health events they would simply not fit into the model that was currently being practiced and at that moment the biopsychosocial model was born. Samara Lipsky has spent a great deal of her career studying and researching this model. And while it gained its start in the 1970s, Samara Lipsky and her associates believe it can have great worth for today’s modern medical world.